As we head into our second season with Arizona NSA, we believe we had a successful initial year in 2018 with Arizona NSA. We conducted several tournaments and hosted the Southwest World Series in Prescott, Arizona with 27 teams competing. We sanctioned 237 youth fast pitch teams and over 200 adult slow pitch teams in our first year which exceeded our expectations.

As we begin to continue to build our association with Arizona NSA in Youth and Adult Softball through tournaments and leagues, all the information you need is located on the main NSA website, We will be building our new website providing more information in regards to the Youth Fast Pitch, Adult Slow Pitch and the Umpire program.

Whether you have a fast pitch or slow pitch team, the first step for all coaches is to get your team a sanction number through the site. Click on the “sanction” word at the top and request a sanction. Select Youth or Adult depending on the team you need to sanction and complete the information. Once you pay your sanction fees and the Youth or Adult Director approves your sanction, you can then purchase NSA Insurance through the same site. You can also add your team to the NSA tournaments listed on the site too.

Speaking of tournaments, we are working on increasing our tournament calendar for both the youth girls fast pitch and adult slow pitch programs. To view our youth fast pitch calendar, click on the tournaments link. To view each tournament info page, please click on the name of the tournament on the calendar.

NSA has an outstanding insurance company they work with, Westpoint Insurance. You can purchase NSA Team insurance through the site by clicking on the insurance button at the left of the homepage once you get your team sanctioned. Click the NSA Team Insurance button and take it from there. If you already have another form of team insurance, you can still participate in NSA events as long as you get team sanctioned, see above, and then pay an additional $10 per NSA tournament you register for throughout the year. You must have a sanction number to add your team to any NSA tournament, so please make sure you get that taken care of first.

If you have any questions regarding NSA, sanctioning your youth or adult team, registering as an umpire or participating in a tournament, please click the contacts button to fin the contact name, number and email for each section.

We look forward to working with NSA as the Arizona NSA affiliate and your team in 2019. Good luck with your season and we hope to see you on the diamonds.

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